Saturday, 20 May 2017

slot has been permanently locked, solved

solution to ''slot has been permanently locked'' on all mtk Alcatel and Vodafone devices

The ''slot has been permanently locked'' problem is a very common problem faced by most people owning Vodafone or Alcatel devices. I used to hear about this problem from other technicians from other cellphone repair shops. They all did not come to a solution, one device was sold to me buy a guy who needed quick cash and he explained to me that it has the ''slot has been permanently locked''. I took the phone and tried to get a better solution to share with other people since i noticed no one has a reasonable solution to this problem.

This problem is caused by entering the network unlock code incorrect for 10 time. mostly when you buy a cellphone from another country, when you take it to another country and try to use a different network on the device it will give you 10 attempts to enter the network unlock code. some people happen to think that the device is requesting for the device unlock code so  they enter the code 10 time and end up facing the ''slot has been permanently locked''.

I searched the Internet for a solution and all the solutions tells me that i have to contact the previous network service provider, until i decided to build my own solution and share it on my blog. I came up with a simple solution that will take you about 20 to 30 minutes to apply it and have your device unlock to use all networks of your choice. all you going to need is:

1. Computer that is running Microsoft Windows operating system
2. Your charged phone that you are going to unlock
3. Quality USB cable.
4. Internet connection
5. Chrome installed o your PC

Now lets get down to the solution instructions.



  1. how are you friend, I'm stuck vodafone firmware VFD100 that works perfectly if you can also HTC desire 626g + dual sim. please

  2. Howdee, i try this and i tell you if is working

  3. slot has been permanently locked, solved ZTE BLADE v0720 lite
    Please help us

  4. Will personally try it and get back to you sir

  5. i tried the above solution but when i connect my fone to format it,it connects
    then disconnect,i have vodafonesmart tab 3g

    1. It is because you did not install the vcom drivers

  6. how bout om acer z520? "the slot has been permanently locked" please help