Saturday, 6 January 2018

how to bypass google account on mobicel trendy

Hi. To remove or bypass google verification on your mobicel trendy, you will need to follow thoroughly the instructions that I'm going to give to you now because if you don't follow the instructions as they are you might brick your phone. This mobicel is not a MTk phone so you cannot use the same methods used on mtk devices to remove the google verification protection. Though it is not very hard to do this on none mtk devices.
You will need a computer and a USB cable because without the these two tools you will not be able to remove the google verification protection on your mobicel trendy. You will need to install fast boot drivers on your computer so that your computer will be able to recognize your phone when it is connected in fast boot mode to your computer. Click here and follow the instructions given on how to enter fastboot mode on your phone and how to install fastboot drivers on your computer.
Now that your phone is in fastboot mode remove it from the computer. Click here to request for the google account reset tool. The reset tool will be given to you via email. Extract the reset tool and open run the reset tool, it will ask you to connect your phone, make sure your phone is still in fastboot mode displaying fastboot on the screen. Connect the phone a wait for the tool to tell you that you can remove the device. Sometime it might tell you that there was an error but to find that it did remove the google account verification protection. Comment below for further assistance

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