Saturday, 6 January 2018

how to bypass google account on vfd 1100 smart tab 2 3g

how to bypass the google account verification on the vodafone vdf 1100 smart tab 2 3g


  1. download the reset tool here. just request the whole firmware but only download the reset tool.
  2. next download the SP Flash Tool, this tool will help you to load the reset code to your phone.
  3. Now download the vcom drivers here, this will help your computer to detect your phone during flashing.
  4. install the vcom drivers as instructed here.
  5. extract all the downloaded files out of the zip files
  6. now open the SP flash Tool extracted folder and double click the file named "flash_tool" to run the SP Flash Tool.
  7. on the flash tool click the "scatter_loading" button and navigate to the extracted reset tool that you have downloaded and double click the file named "mt#####"
  8. wait for the file to load
  9. now click the "format" button on the top left of the flash tool.
  10. select manual format.
  11. go to the extracted googl acc reset tool that you have downloaded and open the file named "instructions"
  12. copy the codes and paste them on the sp flash tool and replace the existing ones. copy the first code to the first slot and the second one to the second slot.
  13. switch off the vodafone table 
  14. click the play button on the flash tool and connect the phone to the computer with a usb cable.
  15. wait for the done sign and remove the phone and switch it on.
  16. the phone will still go through the settings but it will not ask for the google account.
  17. done.

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